IVISMILE is a leading designer, private label manufacturer of oral care products specializing in teeth whitening. IVISMILE is headquartered in Frisco, Texas with ISO certified manufacturing facilities in China. We have the privilege to work with incredible companies in US, Canada and Australia to bring beautiful smiles to millions of people on planet earth. Our products are being sold through the major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens etc. 

Setting Industry Trends

IVISMILE is the 1st to use wireless power technology to transmit power from the toothbrush handle to the LED brush head. This premier patent pending technology has already impacted the future of oral care. Tomorrow’s plan is today’s story at IVISMILE. Research and development remain a top priority and IVISMILE is currently investing in the next future generation of products.  IVISMILE believes in its people and our talent who are “The Science Behind a Beautiful Smile”  

In 3 short years, IVISMILE has seen many generations of teeth whitening kits, each one bringing new innovations to the teeth whitening process. While many customers are still successfully using our older generation of teeth whitening products, the world is demanding more innovated products.  IVISMILE is committed and proud to provide solutions for the future smile of the world.


IVISMILE works only with reputable labs and homologation bodies for product test reports and quality management system certifications.

Business FAQs

Nanchang and Zhangshu, China. IVISMILE owns an ISO 9001 certified (by SGS of Switzerland) factory that manufactures our hardware and gels.

Yes, IVISMILE is FDA registered for sales in the United States.

Yes, our manufacture warranty coincides with expiration date, 2 years from date stamped on product.  We will replace product due to manufacture fault. 

Typically, 49 days for production and 45 days for shipping (by sea; If by DHL, 7 days).

Our customization cost is broken into 3 different levels, each level carries a different cost. Our chart can be found on IVISMILE.com or call us direct.

Normally, all custom fees and shipping are paid by customer, however we do have special negotiated rates with DHL. 

IVISMILE requires a 30% deposit at time of the order with balance due at the time of shipping.  Special payment terms considered.