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At IVISMILE, we shine the spotlight on your brand – our labels feature your name, not ours. Our aim is to offer customized labels and products that enhance your customers’ beautiful smiles, emphasizing collaboration over competition.


We pride ourselves on innovation and leading technology when it comes to teeth whitening. Our companies manufacture cutting edge products that include advanced whitening gels, LED light mouthpieces, whitening strips, mouthwashes, toothpastes, and power whitening LED toothbrushes. The team consists of world class designers, scientists, and engineers that create unparalleled products. We do extensive research and development on every product we produce.

We have more than 40 worldwide inventions and use our expertise to bring our customers products that keep them in the forefront of our industry. Our innovations include exclusive formula creation, design and development, sampling, molding, testing, and best in class production. Partners can expect a quick turnaround time on exclusive designed products that make their companies unique and competitive in the industry.


IVISMILE is certified by SGS of Switzerland for ISO22716, ISO9001, GMP, BSCI for manufacturing systems, as well as certified BPA Free, FCC and CE for our products. Quality management, quality manufacturing and quality products are the results of our hard-working team. We consistently produce world class products because each of our team members complete intensive training pertaining to his/her job to ensure precision on our production lines and to focus on our customers in every aspect of our business.

The entire production is done in our dust-free workshop with controlled airflow, highly managed equipment and sanitization. Under GMP, all steps on production lines are supervised and documented from initial material input to final output, including sampling prior to final delivery. Clarity in the system is a necessity to ensure peace of mind of our clients.


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