Power whitening LED toothbrush (T2) brings our technology to the forefront of oral care

  • Special patented wireless technology with 6 LED lights (3 blue and 3 red) for whitening gives you professional dental toothbrush for at home 
  • Smart timer allows you to spend 30 seconds on each area for a more uniform effect 
  • 4 modes: Clean, white, polish and gum care allows you to give your mouth that professional service 
  • High-quality components ensure long-lasting performance

Power Whitening Toothbrush (T2) includes: 

Power handle:

Mode: 4 (Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care)

Smart Timer: 2 mins with pause reminder every 30 seconds & auto memory

Power Transmission: Patented Wireless Technology

2 brush head

1 handle

1 charging base

1 charging wire

1 charging wire box

1 instruction sheet

1 luxury box

Colors:  Black or White


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